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Welcome to HypnoBirthing┬« Burlington the Mongan Method.


Turn fear into empowerment. 

 Discover how amazing a birth                          can be!



Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Have you ever wondered what makes a great birth great?

Research shows that it's not just the absence of medical intervention.  It's confidence in your own abilities combined with a set of skills that creates a rich and rewarding experience.

Take the next step...learn proven HypnoBirthing techniques, unwrap the gift your body is offering, watch your abilities soar to the highest level and apply them to support your UNIQUE birth.

Hi my name is Dominique and I am a Certified HypnoBirthing Facilitator. My passion is to help people discover their ability to birth and parent from a place of inner wisdom and power. By combining the latest research in Maternity care and Stress Reduction techniques we open up creative solutions to enjoy the miracle of birth in all types of scenarios.

What would your birth be like if you could access your skills and knowledge with total ease and authentic power? Would you be willing to have that much ease? 

Are you ready to have clarity and new strategies for a memorable experience?

Call or email today to get started.



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