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Welcome to HypnoBirthing®  Burlington-the Mongan Method

A natural approach to a safe, easier, more comfortable birthing.

 Congratulations on  your pregnancy! With the right information, preparation and support, the birth of your baby can be a relaxing, loving and a peaceful adventure.  I hope you enjoy browsing my site and I welcome any questions or comments  you may have.  I look forward to hearing from  you!


HypnoBirthing® program is a complete childbirth education course including information on nutrition, anatomy and physiology, optimal fetal positioning, avoiding back labour, birthing choices, birth companion support, labour and delivery, baby care and many proven techniques utilizing breath, relaxation and self hypnosis to help you stay calm, relaxed and in control during the birth of your baby. 
HypnoBirthing®  will benefit you and your baby's birth whether you plan to birth at home or in the hospital, with a midwife or a doctor.  

Have the fearless birth that you and your baby deserve and want!

                                                                  Important news update:

I am currently on a mat leave from Doula work.  

HypnoBirthing®  Classes are up and running.  Please click here for the Class Schedule.



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