HypnoBirthing Burlington


Welcome to the New Level of Birth Preparation.

Hi! My name is Dominique Sy...

I've always had a keen interest in helping women achieve their health and wellness goals, so they could have a more fulfilled life. Pregnancy and birth are transformative life events, and every woman, deserves a happy, empowered and a positive birth experience.

I discovered HypnoBirthing® when I was pregnant with my first. I felt anxious and worried about birth. I was determined to turn it around, and so I took the HypnoBirthing® Course. It changed everything!

I ended up having a really positive birth experience. Even my midwives noted how well I handled contractions, and how relaxed I looked!

In helping my clients I draw on my own experience as well as my education. I am a Certified Hypnobirthing® Coach, Prenatal Yoga teacher and a Birth Doula. I also have a B.A in Business with a minor in Psychology.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the birth of your baby? Are you afraid things may not go as planned? Do you hear from other women how challenging and painful it can be? 

What if you could learn tools and techniques to reduce stress, tension and pain? 

I am dedicated, and committed to sharing this remarkable program because it works!  

What would your pregnancy and birth look like if you were to use the most powerful tools and resources?

Contact me to get started.



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